Minister responds to UK education guidelines

Last week, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Down Syndrome (APPGDS) presented a new report on good practice in education to Edward Timpson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Children and Families) who is responsible for special educational needs and disability at the Department for Education.

The report summarises information about the specific learning needs of children with Down syndrome, sets out principles for effective education practice, and calls on government to:

  1. Recognise the specific developmental and educational needs of children and young people with Down syndrome as a unique group
  2. Ensure effective planning and monitoring for this population of children/ young people
  3. Develop the inspection framework so that the inspection process is informed by and checks against identified good practice with pupils with SEN, and specifically Down syndrome
  4. Promote and support syndrome-specific approaches tailored to the learning profile of children and young people with Down syndrome, and endorse the principles set out in this document
  5. Develop government led, centrally produced, evidence based guidance for practitioners on Down syndrome
  6. Protect the provision of specialist Down syndrome support services
  7. Recognise and meet the need for provision of additional resourcing

You can watch the Minister’s reply here and download the report here (PDF, 1.2MB).