UK Communication Trust lists RLI in What Works database

The Communication Trust – a coalition of nearly 50 voluntary and community organisations with expertise in speech, language and communication – has recently listed DSE’s new reading and language intervention in its What Works database of evidenced interventions.

RLI HandbookThe Communication Trust in the UK is a coalition of nearly 50 voluntary and community organisations. Working with the Better Communication Research Programme they have developed a database of evidenced interventions to support children’s speech, language and communication – the What Works database.

The Communication Trust’s What Works database includes over 60 interventions, assessed for inclusion in the database by independent experts. The What Works database is endorsed by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. The entry for RLI in the What Works database (registration required) observes:

“A key feature of RLI is that it is designed to be suitable for children across a wide ability range and content is adapted for each individual child, with assessment and daily record keeping built into the delivery of the programme. The Language Strand can be used for children with language ages from 2 years and the Reading Strand for beginning readers to a word reading age of 8 years. The RCT data supports starting reading instruction for children with Down syndrome at 5 years of age as younger children in the study tended to make more progress…

“RLI has a moderate evidence level. Within the evidence there are examples of significantly positive outcomes for children with Down syndrome, all of whom have language difficulties, though children continue to need additional support.”

(By the criteria applied, a “strong” level of evidence would require multiple trials and a systematic review – we are going to have to wait a while for that!)

It is great to see RLI – and the evidence underpinning it – assessed, recognised and listed here to bring it to the attention of Speech and Language Therapists and schools looking for interventions and teaching approaches with good evidence supporting their use.

DSE’s reading and language intervention (RLI) was evaluated in a landmark randomised controlled trial involving 57 children with Down syndrome living in two areas of the UK. It is now being used in hundreds of schools throughout the UK and in the US to provide highly structured, individualised teaching for children with Down syndrome. DSE is continuing to develop support networks for the new intervention, including accredited trainers in both the UK and the US, and continuing to evaluate and develop the teaching programme.